The functionality of the delayed fill valve saves up to a litre of water per flush by ensuring the cistern does not start  to refill until completely empty. Normally 6 litres of water would be sent to the pan but if the cistern starts refilling automatically 7 litres may be being deployed instead.

Choice of  a standard valve  is mainly because of historical specifications. As awareness of the benefits of the Ecofill fill grow it is likely automatic choice would become this version.

If on average a UK household has 4 residents and the toilet is flushed on average 5 times a day per person in a 24 hour period, each household would save 20 litres per day.

The product is fully compliant with regulation 4. It complies with all Water Regulations by it being BS1212 certified

Yes, 100% of material used is recyclable.

As water is pumped to properties by Water Authorities and in theory this is reduced by an average of 20 litres per day, the CO2 emission savings is value of the reduction in pump power and electricity used by each supplier.

The Airgap 6000 is suitable for virtually all cisterns.

The Airgap is only suitable for toilet cisterns rather than a header water tank in a loft.

28mm is the minimum Type AG within a UK toilet cistern.