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The Fluidmaster Airgap™ 6000 series is our revolutionary, next generation toilet cistern fill and flush valves. Let’s take you through its features…

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Quiet fill

Our unique vortex system minimises fill noise.

One size fits all

Adjustment on the bottom entry version is quick and simple.

Fast performance

Fast fill from 0.1 bar, suiting all gravity and mains fed water systems.

Water saving genius

The delayed version can save over 1 litre of water per flush.

See the new AirGap™ series in action

Discover more about the revolutionary AirGap™ 6000 series through our collection of short, informative videos.

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"I have used Fluidmaster components for many years and have complete confidence in the quality and durability of the products. Adaptability of design, coupled with high quality UK manufacture, means that Fluidmaster is my go-to brand for toilet repair parts; offering absolute ‘fit and forget’ reliability for me as an installer and for my customers. "


"As a forward-thinking manufacturer Fluidmaster creates products which offer high performance, longevity, complete compliance and superior sustainability. I also opt for Fluidmaster products to ensure that my specifications comply with sustainable building standards and certifications including BREEAM. "


"Fluidmaster toilet parts are an important part of our product offering. High quality features, excellent reputation and superior marketing support for all our branches means that the Fluidmaster range is a perfect fit for our brand and is much-loved by our customers. "


Save up to 1 litre of water per flush

The Ecofill version doesn’t start filling until the cistern has emptied. This means the optimum amount of water that the pan requires is used. Without this functionality, the water from the next fill flows out as part of the flush, unnecessarily wasting water. This particular fill valve can save over 1 litre of water per flush.

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World leaders in valve technology

Fluidmaster are trusted by the trade worldwide, with 60 years of innovation, delivering market-leading products that last.